On 7 December, Tatum company welcomed luxury brand Jim Thompson to Malaysia, adding on to its growing interior portfolio. Tatum company has been named the official stockist for Jim Thompson Thai Silk company. 

Founded in 1951, Jim Thompson is the leading manufacturer in Thai silk but also produces an array of luxury fabrics made from a wide selection of high-quality fibres. Today, these designs can be found adorning the walls and furniture of some of the top hotels, private residences, luxury retailers, as well as private yachts and planes all over the world.

The company currently creates two lines, Jim Thompson being the main fabric collection, under the creative direction of Ou Baholyodhin. Jim Thompson fabrics, many of them hand-woven, feature the finest silks, linens, cottons and nature-rich blends. In its recent August 2017 collection, old world elegance and charm manifests an array of luxury, ornamental prints that create ‘Floriental'. Inspired by floral and oriental elements, iconic themes in Jim Thompson designs. To support the main fabric, Jim Thompson also designed a Trevia CS range; ‘Saracen’, inspired by Middle Eastern architecture and design from the eventful Medieval period. 

No. 9 Thompson, takes a lighter, less formal approach to the Jim Thompson ethos, as envisioned by English textile designer Richard Smith.  Revisiting the well-loved textile crafts, inspiring colour palettes and romanticism of India. Colourful prints are augmented by embroideries, a sumptuous damask and a small scale geometric weave - all taken from Richard's original artwork - in a rich, jewel-like colour palette. 

Jim Thompson is stocked exclusively in Malaysia at Tatum Company.