The 2017 Armani Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection features textiles inspired by intertwined structures, interpreted through up-to-date trompe l’oeil effects as well as real three-dimensional textures. The collection is a play between real and illusion. Highly texturised, three-dimensional structures and on the contrast, flat fabrics with illusion of relief. Ribbons and wavy lines are crisscrossing the shiny flat and textured surfaces. The interlaced and intertwined structures wrap the furniture in a sophisticated and clean style.

The collection is composed from geometric motifs that are enriched by technique, precious materials and particular colour combinations. The new fresh colours introduced to the collection are giving a life to the geometrical patterns. Pompeian red, red known from the paintings on the walls of Pompeian houses, combined with blue. Antique rose mixed with vivid red. Fresh tones of Mint, Green tea, Arctic blue and Aquamarine are combined with precious metallic hues to give a sophisticated touch to the playful colours.

Armani Casa is exclusively available in Malaysia and Vietnam at Tatum Company.