A passion for the world’s most beautiful natural fibres and handicraft led CMO to discover exceptional materials such as abaca, buntal, palm leaf, water hyacinth, raffia, rattan, and Nepali hemp, to offer them in its creations.

True treasures of traditional handicraft, these fibres are carefully selected for their intrinsic qualities - elegance, natural state, richness of imperfections- to be woven and magnified on handlooms, in workshops where the skills of craftsmen are expressed through steady and age-old gestures.

Designed for admirers of the beauty of natural and timeless fibres, these weavings will embellish the most refined interiors. CMO wishes to offer exceptional handcrafted materials in their purest state and pay tribute to the gestures of craftsmen in their simplest, most radical and most essential splendour.

CMO Paris is available in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam at Tatum Company.