Stunning new pieces evoking childhood memories by the sea

Celebrated Design Atelier, Alexander Lamont, has released its latest collection, suitably named “Peninsula” - comprising exquisite handmade pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories, inspired by the English seaside summers of Alex’s youth.

The “Bristol” range flaunting elegant and crisp, ivory parchment, the “Paglia” gold candlesticks forged from layers of luscious straw and the “Meso Boxes” showcasing the signature Alexander Lamont straw marquetry technique, are just a few of the highlights from this exceptional collection.

Contemporary elegance at its most opulent, Alexander Lamont designs represent the finest natural materials and countless hours of work by the hands of over 100 artisans in the Lamont workshop. A true celebration of traditional craftmanship, each Alexander Lamont piece communicates patience, skill and quality in a way that is truly unique to his brand.

Alexander Lamont is available in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam exclusively through Tatum.
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