Cloth SS18 Collection, a selection of weaves and printed wall coverings for Spring 

Introducing a selection of weaves and printed wall coverings for Spring from Cloth, the vibrant London textile brand, that are an exploration of colour, pattern and movement. 

Kit Kemps' woven collection, featuring ‘Woven Ribbon’, ‘Ikat Weave’ and ‘Loom Weave’ reference the wonderful textile traditions of the African and South American civilisations and bear testimony to her love of traditional ethnic art and kilim weaving. Designer Kit Kemp’s signature style is full of colour, texture and whimsy.


Javier Mariscal, a graphic artist, furniture designer, painter, and sculptor based in Barcelona, creates designs on his iPad, producing witty, cartoon-like illustrations which are at once innocent yet provocative. Shown here are ‘Africana’ and ‘Mosaic’. 


‘Cactus Flower’ by LA based design collective Commune, the multi discipline design studio, is now offered as a wallpaper for the first time. 


From our archival collection and making their debut as wallpapers are ‘Carnac’ by Barron and Larcher and ‘Brisa’ by Michael Szell.

Cloth is exclusively stocked in Malaysia at Tatum Company.