Paris Deco Off 2018 marked yet another year of successful shows for de Gournay as they showcased some of their new hand-painted collections.

This year, de Gournay launched an exciting range of wallpapers from Japanese-inspired wallpaper, 20th century Palm Beach inspiration to haute couture fashion wallpapers that are truly stylish art icons.



The wallpaper evokes the artwork of Imperial Japan. An abstract seascape, representing the country’s early commercial contact with Europeans (notably the seafaring Portuguese), is exquisitely illustrated in a 3-dimensional gold leaf pattern which is then tarnished and burnished to create the impression of light breaking through the clouds onto the waves below.


With Michael Stornello and Tom Konopiots of Vincere Ltd., Chicago, de Gournay are delighted to have contributed hand painted panels of the ‘Bahamian Beach’ motif: a recent design depicting an Art Deco forest, rendered with vivid brilliance in this instance on a tarnished Silver gilded silk. The wallpaper conjures the vintage flair of Palm Beach’s early 20th century gilded age – referencing simultaneously the salt sprayed and sun-bleached islands of the Caribbean Sea.


‘Autumn’ was in the hands of Kendall Wilkinson, one of the most highly regarded designers on the West coast. Inspired by the craftsmanship of a piece of Valentino haute couture – sewn with an array of harvest flowers – her design depicted garlands strewn across the walls in exquisite, hand painted detail. The rich bouquet of florals, including Poppies, Winter Roses and Anemones, were embellished with individual accents of hand embroidered silk thread – de Gournay’s own interpretation of the bespoke techniques of European fashion house.


de Gournay’s ‘Silk Tree’ wallpaper creates the feeling of strolling down a tree-lined street in spring time. The design has been hand painted in a custom colorway onto an Emerald Green dyed silk ground. Elements of the design have been hand embroidered to add depth and dimension. The pink blossoming flowers against the vibrant green hue is an original, bold and beautiful color palette, which brings a fresh and modern twist to a classically inspired design.