Creations Metaphores awakens the desire to travel.

A breath of fresh air blows through Creations Metaphores collections, a warm breeze from faraway southern region. It awakens the desire to travel. From Zanzibar to Khartoum, by way of Luxor, leaving the beaten train to be inspired by exceptional fabrics, linen and wool blends, both raw and refined, velvet with geometric figures suggesting inlaid work, brocatelle adorned with patterns inspired by remote escape southward elegant, fresh and colorful lands.
Creations Metaphores has chosen to establish this new world at the crossroads of continents, like a bridge between cultures. The traditional Lyon savoir-faire combines with the hues of faraway desert sands. 

Be carried away by linen Sirocco made to embellish large windows or succumb to Reggae rhythms whose beat is syncopated by fine graphic motifs. 

This season is also the opportunity to enrich the Pierre Marie pour Creations Metaphores collection. His ribbons intertwine on silk, velvet and lampas. Embark on another journey, this time into a new imaginary world, where refinement harmoniously blends with originality. 

For this season Creations Metaphores proves once again that the fabric is more than a material; it is a vehicle to transport, transform, magnify and ennoble. 

Creations Metaphores is stocked exclusively in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.