Alberto Pezzato

Company: Rubelli

Position: Creative Director

Favourite place in my house/office: the kitchen, because is the place where I can give vent to my creativity and I can relax at the same time.

Best decorated/most inspirational place in the world: the best decorated place is National Palace of Sintra, Portugal where the Far East blends with the West. The most inspirational place is India, the country of the fabrics, where the craftsmanship is still alive.

How do you stay on top of current design trends and to what extent is your brand creating the trends?

I stay on top of current design trends by visiting art exhibitions and fairs, travelling to unexpected destinations, working very closely with craftsmen.


What is the craziest/funniest/most interesting thing you ever been inspired by?

I was inspired by the Greek summer wind on the clear sea water in Crete island.


How would the interior of your dream house look?

My motto is “less is more”, but I wouldn’t renounce to high qualities materials, such as the pure silk velvet Venezia with its rich and full hand and the faux uni silk Vanity with its continuous raised texture and its elegant and luxe look.


What currently is your favourite collection - your brand?

Thanks to the variety of items that it can offer, my favourite collection is our brand Rubelli Venezia.


What would you consider as your master piece - your brand?

The Spritz cotton velvet with its shimmering effect, obtained thanks to a special printing process which consists in a highly measured superimposition of colour tones with as many as five different processes.