Giacomo Giardini.jpg

Giacomo Giardini 

Co-Founder & CEO

Favourite place in my house/office: 

I moved home twice this year, 5 times in the past 5 years! In each place I have a different favourite spot. In my current house is the powder room. In my office I like to sit at my desk facing both my production and general manager because I am fascinated by their work.


Best decorated/most inspirational place in the world: 

I love the Rosewood Hotel in London. When I want to escape to get inspired, I drive 2 hours to Hotel Lefay Resort in Lake Garda and I have a 3km swim in the most amazing swimming pool I have ever experienced. 


How do you stay on top of current design trends and to what extent is your brand creating the trends?

Milan, the city I live in and the company headquarter, it's a destination for fashion trends and design. Normally trends originate from global social life changes and human evolution, and typically styles move from fashion first, to media, furniture and interior design. Here in Milan we have them all. Not much work to be on top of trends... just walk around with big wide-open eyes. However, matching the evolution and the trend with the brand mission it's another different commitment.


What is the craziest/funniest/most interesting thing you ever been inspired by?

I get very much inspired and influenced by everything. My work gets influenced by my experiences in business and fashion. People who know me will know how crazy and fun my life is. I have a few experiences in mind right now which influenced my creation and strategical decisions, but nothing I'm keen to share...! 


How would the interior of your dream house look?

I rather go for an apartment then an independent house. I need neighbours, life and vibes around me. My own place needs to be well shaped, with lots of windows but should be small enough to feel the noise of a step from the opposite corner of the flat and just large enough to keep all my stuff tidy and well organised. 


What currently is your favourite collection - your brand? 

I can't separate one collection or edition from another. What I like from our line is that it has a unique way or reading and it has a strong identity within the whole range of patterns. That has always been my focus. 

My favourite pattern though is BASMATI, might look the simplest, but I find the most sophisticated and elegant, especially ABA001. If I had to choose a large pattern then SHIBORI BLUES would be my choice.


What would you consider as your master piece - your brand? 

The greatest strength of each of our products pass though the complete range of our collection. Our master is the totality of the line. Some of our productions are great examples of technology and complex engineering. But masters do not necessary come out from complexity.  If we talk about signature patterns then: OPIUM, SHIBORI BLUES, RIGATO, BASMATI.  There will be more to come....