During Milan Design Week, Alexander Lamont presented the Atlantica collection, a natural evolution of his approach to materials, craftsmanship and design.  Eight graceful pieces, ranging from shagreen furniture to bronze and gold lighting elements to screens made in Straw Marquetry and Koto. The perfect balance between design and materials is the result of the collaboration between Alexander Lamont and Antonio da Motta, Brazilian designer Los Angeles-based.

The collection Atlantica is an interesting mix of powerful suggestions coming from contemporary Brazilian architecture, as Alexander Lamont explains: “Antonio and I have been speaking for several years about doing a collection together. We share a real connection and deep appreciation for these noble materials and I’m always interested in moving the materials, designs and craftsmanship towards a contemporary vibrancy.  The movement and curvilinear nature of the designs pays ode to Antonio’s Brazilian background and the great modernists of his homeland such as Oscar Niemeyer, Lúcio Costa and Roberto Burle Marx.

Antonio da Motta adds: “Being a Brazilian, born one year after the foundation of Brasilia (Niemeyer’s planned capital), the Modernist Movement is always a part of my work, although I had never designed a collection drawn solely from their vision and contribution.  However, that reference combined with Alexander’s mastery of such venerable materials pushed the designs into a whole new territory for me.  It was an incredibly fulfilling experience as a designer and admirer of time-honoured design.”