The new Arte wallcovering collection comprises of 7 ranges:

Vertigo - Rhythmic waves move in their own cadence along the wall. In their timeless dance they capture the light and reflect it in a continually differing direction. Vertigo is a textile wallcovering with a mysterious side - each day it is different, but always surprising.

Oculaire - The wallcovering in the Oculaire collection is made from hand-woven sisal fibres. From this fabric, pieces are carefully cut out and inlaid according to a refined crafting technique. This creates an intriguing pattern with a trompe-l’oeil effect.

Spectra - The Spectra collection represents a special kind of wallcovering where everything revolves around a three-dimensional effect. Each in its own way, the various designs give character and depth to the wall. But it is the caressingly soft material that makes this wallcovering really irresistible. With its unique look and feel, Spectra wallcovering envelops the interior in a warm and welcoming cocoon.

Revera - For centuries, interior decorating and fashion have been closely interwoven. They not only influence and strengthen each other, they also propel each other to ever higher levels. The Revera wallcovering collection too is inspired by patterns and textures from the world of textile. They are processed into timeless designs to decorate the interior. As a finishing touch, a patchwork of real jute is added.

Ligna - The Ligna collection is absolutely unique. Not only because of the sophisticated wood structure, but also for the layout of the patterns. They are designed in a way that there is very little repetition in the pattern. It gives these wallcoverings a very natural effect, which you cannot compare with any other wallcovering.

Monochrome - The Monochrome collection presents a new kind of wallcovering. The designs are drawn using gleaming relief inks and are elaborated in monochrome colour palettes. Some are inspired by noble materials such as precious metal, wood and leather. Others find their origin in timeless architecture.

Signature - There is no material in the world as timeless as linen. It is effortlessly cool and always exudes elegant nonchalance. In the Signature collection you will find wallcoverings with the same classy linen look. The designs are playful yet chic, modern yet timeless. They combine perfectly with the plain that comes in 23 fresh colours.