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Ou Baholyodhibn

Company: Jim Thompson
Designed fabrics/wallpaper since: 2013
Favourite place in my house/office: Swimming pool at night
Best decorated/most inspirational place in the world: Dawnridge


How do you stay on top of current design trends and to what extent is your brand creating the trends?

Since I started at the helm of Jim Thompson’s design studio for Home Furnishings staying on top of the trend has not really been on my agenda. The brand, with it’s deep rooted heritage and a strong identity, already has a clear and purposeful DNA; one which I have allied very closely to. I only know how to be true to what and who we are, and so far it has worked wonders.


What is the craziest/funniest/most interesting thing you ever been inspired by? 

The very first time stepped into the home of Belgium’s iconic taste-maker and  interior designer Gert Vorjaans my jaw dropped , I was overwhelmed by the immense beauty, humour and sophistication of his interior. That feeling has remained a source of inspiration for me ever since. (Gert Vorjaans, known for his unique and eclectic style, has designed homes for some of the most exclusive residential and corporate clients, his most notable being Dries van Noten, for whom he designed all of the brand’s stores worldwide. Gert Vorjaans will be our guest designer for the upcoming Spring 2018 Collection).

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How would the interior of your dream house look?

My dream house would ideally be simple, natural and undecorated. Spending much of my time designing and creating collections for Jim Thompson can be a sensorial overload. I need a visually calm and quiet space to reboot :  much the same way as when you dip your nose into a jar of coffee beans after testing so many scented candles or perfume.


What currently is your favourite collection - your brand?

My debut collection “Forbidden Colours” is still my favourite to this day. It is a collection of bright happy colours mixed with sophisticated mineral tones, clashing patterns of modern against antique patterns, but altogether gives an immense sense of joy.

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What would you consider as your master piece - your brand?

Anaïs our signature ikat from the Forbidden Colours Collextion is an example of a dying art. This fabric requires a high level of skill and is both time consuming and  labour intensive, each meter can take up to a day to make. Every inch is carefully handled, hand tied and dyed, before being meticulously warped up on a loom. I know of no other fabric houses which still produce their own designs in this manner. 

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