We are delighted to introduce a new wallpaper collection, Painted Papers, designed by textile designer and creative director at Tapet-Cafe, Helene Blanche. Consisting of three patterns, the collection is a marriage of the geometric shapes and bold colours of the early 20th-century art movement, Cubism and a stylistic interpretation of the ornate and romantic curlicues of French textile from the 1830s.


Trained as a textile designer, Helene Blanche is intrigued with woven fabric and the way a single thread moves to create a structural repeat. It is this textural rhythm and vibrant dynamic she wanted to imitate by creating three simple, stylistically complementary patterns: Drop, Painted Stripe and Cubism. These patterns reflect her fascination with the way a single drop of ink behaves when it meets a silk surface, and how coal on heavy paper can make a cube seem soft and a stripe non-linear.

The colour scheme of Painted Papers, ranging from soft sorbets such as rose, lavender and honey to assertive hues like emerald, ink and charcoal, emanates a freshness yet establishes an emotional depth. The wallpaper collection has a modern look with an artisanal finish, the substance of which becomes especially clear when the three patterns are viewed and used together as a collection.

The Painted Papers collection is available in:

Painted Papers wallpaper collection-drop.png



The drop pattern is inspired by Helene Blanche’s previous work with hand painted lampshades. It reflects her fascination with the way a single drop of ink behaves when it meets a surface, be it paper or textile, and becomes lively and vibrant. The small-scale pattern is an interpretation of the classic dot - with a graceful, refreshing and chic appearance. The inherent quiet poetry makes the drop pattern suitable for any room in the stylish home.



The hand painted, and therefore slightly uneven, stripes are inspired by Parisian textiles from the ‘1825-1830 French textile manufacturers’ sample book’. The pattern is a re-imagination of the classic stripe, and the ‘perfect imperfect’ handcrafted wallpaper creates a mesmerising and atmospheric expression. Painted stripe is especially suitable for smaller rooms such as entrees, hallways and bathrooms - elevating the interior to a striking and vivacious new height.

Painted Papers Wallpaper Collection —  Cubism Tapet cafe.png



This pattern consists of a repetition of small cubist compositions, originally made with crayons on paper for an artisanal expression. The elegant and beautifully articulated dotted pattern makes the wall appear playful and lively - making it suitable for both larger and smaller rooms.

Tapet café  is stocked exclusively in Malaysia at Tatum Company

Tapet café is stocked exclusively in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.