A Milestone for Renowned Leather Expert - Studioart

300 experts in the Interior design industry, including Tatum’s Managing Director, Gerardine Loggere gathered at Villa La Rotonda in Venice, Italy to celebrate Studioart’s 10th birthday.

The aim of the event was to give selected guests a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the company as well as to introduce the new collection, which will be launched in Paris in January.

For this important milestone, Studioart entrusted three emerging designers to celebrate its Leatherwall: Massimo Brancati, third generation of the founders of Conceria Montebello of which Studioart is part, the eclectic Elaine Yan Ling Ng from Hong Kong, e the refined Italian Giorgia Zanellato. With supervision and training from the President and Co-founder Nadia Dalle Mese, the designers were free to create, study, and interpret the wall covering. The resulting collaboration has led to the creation of the Anniversary Collection, a perfect balance between handicrafts and contemporary flair. Artisan skills perfectly combine with an incessant research of production techniques that have led Studioart to be renowned in the world of interior design and Leatherwall to be the reference product for leather wall coverings.

Nadia Dalle Mese, addressed industry leaders and overwhelmed them with her passion and expertise for her product. “The idea of covering walls with leather was born ten years ago, in a moment of reflection with my brother, from my desire to hold together the world of architecture, which is part of my personal education, and the world of leather that has been characterizing the life of my family for almost fifty years. 

These ten years of Studioart were rich and challenging and to celebrate also means to remember how we started: from the technical challenge of small mosaic tiles, we now have the large embellished panels. We explored classic styles and then contemporary and current formulas.

We went from simple square and rectangular shapes to more and more complex combinations of shapes and colours. This time we have gone even further, modelling surfaces as low reliefs, using partial padding, flat and rough, shiny and metallic parts. Every new collection comes from an inspiration, a desire, a passion. To celebrate I wanted to open our production and our know-how to new points of view, to these young talents, to measure myself, but most of all to discover new interpretations of the leather covering. The result was exciting and inspiration suddenly took shape with the enthusiasm of the young designers and the whole staff.”