5 Questions to the Design Team of Élitis

Designs fabrics and wallpaper since: 1988
Favourite place in the office: The kitchen is a place of creation and evasion. We have a convivial kitchen at Élitis where we cook all together and eat around a big table. It is a great moment to share things.
Most inspiring place in the world: The place that inspired us currently is Asia, with in particular the cities Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Tokyo and Seoul. A part of our team went to visit all those places.

In ‘5 Questions to’ we interview the designers from our different brands. As we all see many different designs pass before our eyes every single day, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to the people behind these designs, who make it possible for us to decorate places in beautiful and unique ways.

In this issue we interview the design team of the French fabric and wallpaper company Élitis.

The Élitis design team at work

The Élitis design team at work

How do you stay on top of current design trends and to what extend is Élitis creating the trends?

Curiosity is our principal quality. We can say that we are interested in a lot of different things and we find inspiration everywhere. Our desire, our dreams, our travels, a dish, someone we meet… Staying eclectic and open-minded allows us to stay ahead of the game.

What is the most interesting thing you ever got inspired by? 

Often something happens when we meet people, artists, manufacturers… We think that if you want to find breakthrough solutions you have to work together with people you trust. 

We for example were once working with a company that was working for fashion, and they decided to follow our crazy idea to develop laser cut for interior design. It was an amazing partnership. The interesting bit was that the material we selected was used as a black out fabric. This was a really nice discovery as it allowed us to play and create nice shadows when the sun was going through the fabric.

How would the interior of the ideal house look like?

It would be a house that can change according to your mood and the situation. It could be for example a cosy tiny place over the winter and a big open place over the summer. Or again, a big place to invite friends and family and a small one when you are alone.

What is your favourite collection of Élitis?

Of course we all have our own favourite ones. Though we always think that the ones we are creating now are in general our favourite ones as everyone is still very excited about it. 

What would you consider as one of the master pieces of Élitis?

The 3D wallcovering. It was a 3-year adventure to develop that product. We were looking for a wall sculpture and it was in the fashion industry where we found the factory we were looking for. We worked with amazing people and developed a lot of drawings to find the best ones. 

3D, textured aspects of fabrics and materials are something we really like. We have a lot of embossed, relief materials in our fabric, wallpaper and wallcovering collections and we are always attracted to them. 

Celebrity - One of the 3D wallcovering collections of Élitis

Celebrity - One of the 3D wallcovering collections of Élitis