Weaving Tradition into Modern Design

The Vanghent Collection offers a wide variety of handmade rugs from all corners of the world. Vanghent’s family tradition in the production of rugs started almost a century ago, they have therefore gathered a very thorough knowledge of raw materials and production techniques.

All Vanghent rugs and carpets are being produced by weavers and tufters that share that same tradition, allowing them to produce a collection which will contribute to the creation of interiors with years of skill acquired. Vanghent produce elegant and sophisticated rugs in the best quality, from carefully selected and mostly hand spun yarns of silk, linen, nettle, cactus and wool as well as the best of manmade filament yarns.

This respect for the original and traditional production techniques means that Vanghent products have a soul, a story. Every rug is made to order, by hand and fully hand finished.