Brand Focus: Rubelli

The Rubelli Venezia collection offers twenty-one new articles, divided equally between technical and decorative.

These fabrics being created to absolutely complement and coordinate with one another. Fabrics with a raised effect and surface patterns, in the ground as well as inside the patterns themselves. Vibrant colours, with lively and elegant touches, from lime – a midway shade of green and yellow - to aquamarine; a bestseller in past collections. Then shades of old pink and Tiffany blue, abundant favourites in the fashion world, to an oxidised bronze that allow for new interpretations of the metallic yarn. There is of course room too for a charming coral pink and a welcome return of red.

Fabrics inspired and conceived from designs, works of art, artefacts. Three patterns, including a floral, as tribute to tradition: SILENT MOVIE, MING and GOLDFINGER. 

A modern floral: FUNNY GIRL. Two faux uni types: VANITY and MARCELLO. Three velvets: OMBRA, MACALLAN and LUCHINO. One outsider: AURUM. Beautiful residential decoration supplemented by 10 technical fabrics - in Trevira CS – woven to reflect a total coordination of the same palette.

Rubelli is stocked exclusively in Malaysia at Tatum Company. 


Tatum adds an exciting new brand to its growing portfolio

DEDAR is an acronym formed from Design D’Arredamento, a family-run fabric house founded by Nicola Fabrizio and his wife Elda who has always been fond of fabrics and carpets. Dedar continues to express a personal style with cutting edge -contemporary collections till this day.

Located at Como, Dedar experiments and innovates to attain product perfections through an on-going discussion with craftsmen’s and textile specialists who are most familiar with its techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. 

Comprising of seductive colour palettes with free-roaming inspiration, elegance, quality precious yarns constitutes to Dedar’s creative spirit. With its research into fiber technology, Dedar offers various solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall-covering. 

Since 2011 Dedar is partner of Hermès for the production and distribution of the home fabrics and wallpapers collection, displayed in all Dedar showrooms.

Dedar is now available in Malaysia at Tatum Company. 


Cloth SS18 Collection, a selection of weaves and printed wall coverings for Spring 

Introducing a selection of weaves and printed wall coverings for Spring from Cloth, the vibrant London textile brand, that are an exploration of colour, pattern and movement. 

Kit Kemps' woven collection, featuring ‘Woven Ribbon’, ‘Ikat Weave’ and ‘Loom Weave’ reference the wonderful textile traditions of the African and South American civilisations and bear testimony to her love of traditional ethnic art and kilim weaving. Designer Kit Kemp’s signature style is full of colour, texture and whimsy.


Javier Mariscal, a graphic artist, furniture designer, painter, and sculptor based in Barcelona, creates designs on his iPad, producing witty, cartoon-like illustrations which are at once innocent yet provocative. Shown here are ‘Africana’ and ‘Mosaic’. 


‘Cactus Flower’ by LA based design collective Commune, the multi discipline design studio, is now offered as a wallpaper for the first time. 


From our archival collection and making their debut as wallpapers are ‘Carnac’ by Barron and Larcher and ‘Brisa’ by Michael Szell.

Cloth is exclusively stocked in Malaysia at Tatum Company. 


Interview with Emanuele Castellini of C&C Milano


Emanuele Castellini

Company: C&C Milano
Position: C.E.O.

Favourite place in my house/office: 
My favourite place in my house is my kitchen, because it’s the place of laughing, eating, relaxing, chatting. It’s a place to share with family and friends. In a word: conviviality. My favourite place in my office is a large white table. Behind you can see all the samples. I love to feel plunged in fabrics.
Best decorated/most inspirational place in the world: Milan and Paris. Milan because I love the new spaces to express creativity that are being created, and the fact that the greatest chefs in the world are based here. Paris because I love the tradition of decoration that I consider as ‘evergreen’, maybe less modern but no doubts historically important.

How do you stay on top of current design trends and to what extent is your brand creating the trends?

Milan (shops, studios) is currently on top of the Design trends. Then, C&C Milano’s history is intertwined with the Mediterranean Sea, Tuscany’s colours and Italian coastal territories; that’s why C&C Milano will always represents an evergreen beauty.


What is the craziest/funniest/most interesting thing you ever been inspired by?

I was in Rome at a party on an old palace terrace. My sight was completely assaulted by a colourful vintage dress of a charming young lady. I remember I was hypnotised as if it was an artwork. It was very inspirational to me. 


How would the interior of your dream house look? 

It would have a total-white look, and there would be a white poodle with a golden collar.


What currently is your favourite collection - your brand? 

My current favourite collection is ‘Fragranze’, our latest Home Collection.


What would you consider as your master piece - your brand?  

I remember 2014 Salone del Mobile Event as C&C Milano’s masterpiece, in the gorgeous Atellani Garden, with the most beautiful exhibition of C&C Milano’s fabrics. 


Creative Lighting by Heathfield & Co.

Tatum Company is delighted to welcome Heathfield & Co to its ever-growing list of brands.  Heathfield & Co’s lighting was established in 1977 and has become synonymous with quality and exclusivity. Delivering the best in British design, the brand manufactures the finest decorative lightings. Working with some of the world’s leading designers, their projects vary from prestigious hotels and restaurants to luxury apartments and houses. 

Heathfield & Co’s products are perfect for those looking for high quality creation and unique, lavish designs that possess their own strong characteristics. 

Heathfield & Co is now available in Malaysia at Tatum Company. 


Introducing the new Optic, Soho & Derby Collections by Pepe Peñalver

Pepe Peñalver commits to artisan values, which imprints unique character on all its fabrics, thus creating a Spanish ‘guarantee of origin as an identifying feature in the marketplace. Recently, Pepe Peñalver launched three new collections called: Optic, Soho, and Derby.


Optic is a collection of delicate sheers featuring geometrics textures and designs inspired by the refraction of light. The gentle tones seen in rays of light are reflected in the collection’s colour palette of natural shades.


Soho is a collection of velvets offered in a range of trendy and exciting colours. This velvet has the unique ability to combine a cotton look and a luxurious soft touch along with high versatility of use, strength and durability.


Derby is a collection of velvets that comes alive in an extensive palette of 50 colours. The diversity of tonal nuances creates a sophisticated colour range with high durability.

Pepe Penalver is stocked exclusively in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.