Tissage Mahieu S.A. was founded in 1889 by Gustave Tissage Mahieu.

Today the mill is under the direction of Xavier Tissage Mahieu, grandson of the founder.

For nearly 120 years the Tissage Mahieu family has created and produced only the finest woven material.

Tissage Mahieu Wallcovering is woven on wide shuttle less looms to ensure that filling yarns are perfectly horizontal. Fabric is closely woven using tightly twisted yarns which give Tissage Mahieu Wallcovering heavier weight, greater density and superior durability.

Tissage Mahieu Wallcovering is finished before lamination to improve lightfastness capturing the fiber’s natural color and beauty for years to come. Polyester fabrics are printed, crushed and scotchgard treated.

Tissage Mahieu is using specially engineered equipment and the laminating is perfectly horizontal and trimming is precise.

All products are developed for the top-end of the residential and contract market, and comply with requirements regarding fire retardancy, durability, lightfastness, cleanability etc.

Tissage Mahieu is exclusively available in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.