de Gournay - a Family company creating the world's most luxurious hand painted wallpapers and fabrics 

Cultivating an unrivalled reputation for their hand painted wallpapers and fabrics since 1986, de Gournay specialise in the creation of vibrant Chinoiserie designs, exquisite Japanese & Korean motifs and 19th Century French inspired Panoramics.

Reviving ancient techniques and original 18th century methods, the company’s highly skilled artists bring interiors to life with sensitive re-interpretations of historic painted papers and additional contemporary collections; bold aesthetics that inhabit traditional and contemporary environments with ease.

de Gournay’s bespoke expertise enables them to meet the exact needs of the most discerning of clients; ensuring that, no matter how complex, the unique vision of each individual can be fulfilled.

de Gournay is exclusively available in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam at Tatum Company.