LIZZO continues to draw inspiration from the world's most unique places when developing its collections, transporting us to different cultures and times. Always seen from the perspective, that is so characteristic, of our love for fabrics and textures in all their forms and colors.

Our different styles of fabrics stimulate the human emotions, our hypnotising colours and textures cannot pass unnoticed, provoking the most moving of reactions. From the richest fabrics and textures in all their forms and colors. From the richest fabrics of Venetian palaces to the most traditional textiles of ancient Crete, as well as a whole range of bright Mediterranean colors, the natural shades of Provence and the more urban tones of large cities.

In essence LIZZO is its history in which a textile culture blends seamlessly together with LIZZO's aim to make a piece of fabric that stimulates the emotions of any onlooker who is sensitive to design and style.

LIZZO is exclusively available in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.