The sidings of barns, which were built by Canadian farmers in the nineteenth century, have a new meaning and second life since Dutch company Barn in the City use them in their innovating (furniture) designs. The collection consists of tables, consoles, room dividers, planters, mirrors, cabinets and doors, but custom made requests are also taken care off. The Barnwood, which is approximately a hundred to a hundred and fifty years old siding, is combined with other materials such as stainless steel, nickel for the tables and MDF silk gloss for the cabinets and consoles. 

The unparalleled character of Barnwood which contains knots, nail holes, grooves and cracks makes sure that every piece of furniture is unique. The pure character and the natural colors of the Barnwood are very much of this time. Also the stability of the wood is an important feature.

Barn in the City is exclusively available in Malaysia and Singapore at Tatum Company.