Gerardine is a graduate of the fashion academy of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Having worked for years with the renowned fashion designer Frank Govers, she teamed up with her sister Suzanne for 7 years in Loggere Wilpower, a leading trading house for fabrics and materials in the Benelux.

She later joined Marcel Wolterinck, a well-known international designer of residences, offices and restaurants. For many years she led the styling department and was involved in a number of projects in Europe, America and Russia. Gerardine’s in-depth expertise is in materials and the know-how to apply them in creating a total design concept. 

Gerardine has created a world-wide network and subsequently established exclusive rights with leading brands of fabrics, materials, flooring, furniture, lighting and home accessories, bring them exclusively to Malaysia and Singapore. She works closely with associate architects to bring clients a fully integrated service on turn-key projects for private estates, offices, hotels and restaurants.